How to Know Your Partner is Cheating

Infidelity doesn’t just happen to women in tv shows but also in real life.  It comes in different sizes and shapes but the moment you realize your partner has been cheating on you it will feel like your world has been shattered.  Regardless of the pain, you might go through when you learn the truth, as a woman you should be able to pick out on signs of unfaithfulness early.   What even more frustrating is the number of women who will have the gut feeling that their partners are cheating but still decide to look the other way. Some women are even made to feel like they are going crazy when they are catching on cheating signs and this is not something you should accept that easily. One of the simplest ways to tell when your partner is cheating is if he is on the phone the better part of day or night spent with you. Affairs require constant communication so that the flame doesn’t die and that is why the phones are critical. It can be a few phone calls, texts or social media messages.   To make sure you do not find evidence, the person will make sure you do not check through his phone. Therefore, if your guy takes his phone with him everywhere and doesn’t share the passwords of passcodes, you should know that there is a problem.  The times the cheating partner will be texting will be odd like very late at night or during the wee hours of the morning. Click here to learn more!

 One of the most reliable weapons cheaters use is evasion.  If you ask your man issues to do with affairs and even additional romantic relationships and he is not forthcoming that should be treated as a red flag. Cheating men know that not acknowledge affairs is an effective tool for hiding it. The evasion will be on issues to do with their whereabouts, the people they are communicating with and also their activities.  Such evasion is hard to point out and not appear dramatic but it is better to be the drama queen that realize of the cheating when it is too late.

 Someone who is guilty of infidelity will be quick to defend himself when you make that accusation.This is because they will be suspecting that you are onto them.  The argument is just for distraction purposes so that the blame can be shifted to you.  Someone who is responsible will listen to what you have to say and clarify the things you point out.  You can click here for more signs that your partner is cheating on you, read more here!


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